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Spoolon manufactures a large assortment of flanges, barrels and assembled spools using machinery made to the industries highest standards. Our spools can be shipped broken down or fully assembled, across

North America and Internationally. 

Metal assembled spools, Windak spools, metal reels

Our metal spools have smooth surfaces and are a button type design which results in a much safer spool to use during loading and unloading procedures.

Assembly is quick & easy, as the press fit requires very little pre-locating of parts. 

Automation with up to date technology helps us to maintain competitive prices, quality, and many cases expedited service. 

All steel construction allows easy recycling, and excellent cold weather performance.

Developed and patented to satisfy the need for an inexpensive, yet strong plywood spool. 

Bolt free construction results in flat end surface. 

Much safer to handle, ease of piling on skids. 

Impossible for the spool to lose its centre during winding since the barrel is fastened through the flanges. 

Always shipped in assembled form. 


Flexibility in production allows us to provide excellent service and meet customer deadlines.  

Flanges are made of wood and measure 1/2" to 5/8" thick. 

Drums are made 1/4" paper tubes.

Dimensions are in inches. 

Please contact us about availability of size variations. 

Plastic Spools

Research & Development currently underway.

Please contact us at

for further details of future products.

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